Copen Grand Site Plan

Everything you love, from sun-powered fun to daily gym time.

Your dream home at Copen Grand grants you year-round access to an eco-friendly range of lifestyle facilities and social spaces – all part of the blueprint to live, work and play with ease.



  • Basement
  • 01. Guardhouse
  • 02. Arrival Lounge
  • 03. Welcome Lobby
  • 04. Water Cascades
  • 05. Sunken Watercourt
  • 1st Storey
  • 06. Arrival Clubhouse


  • 1st Storey
  • 07. Canopy Lounge
  • 08. Pool Lounge
  • 09. Pool Deck
  • 10. 50m Lap Pool


  • 1st Storey
  • 11. Floral Canopy
  • 12. Central Lawn
  • 13. Yoga Deck
  • 14. Hydro Pool
  • 15. Hydro Pool Lounge
  • 16. Hydro Pool Deck

    Garden Club

  • 1st Storey
  • 17. Chess Corner
  • 18. Scented Garden
  • 19. Lush Garden
  • 20. Exercise Lawn
  • 21. Fern Garden

    Kids Club

  • 1st Storey
  • 22. Family BBQ Pavilion
  • 23. Kids Clubhouse
  • 24. Play Pool
  • 25. Kids Pool Deck
  • 26. Play Lawn

    Leisure Club

  • 5th Storey
  • 27. Kids Play
  • 28. Toddlers Play
  • 29. Leisure BBQ Pavilion
  • 30. Garden BBQ Pavilion
  • 31. Herb Garden
  • 32. Fitness Corner
  • 33. Sports Pavilion
  • 34. Tennis Court
  • 35. Leisure Garden

    Recreation Club

  • 1st Storey
  • 36. Co-Working Space
  • 37. Study Pods
  • 38. Changing Room with Steam Room
  • 3rd Storey
  • 39. Entertainment Room
  • 40. Games Room
  • 41. Music Room
  • 4th Storey
  • 42. Gymnasium
  • 5th Storey
  • 43. Copen Clubhouse 1
  • 44. Copen Clubhouse 2
  • 45. Yoga Studio
  • 46. Dance Studio

    Pets Club

  • 1st Storey
  • 47. Pets Corner
  • 48. Pets Lawn
  • 49. Pets Pavilion


  • A. Side Gate
  • B. Bin Centre (Basement)
  • C. Substation (Basement)
  • D. Genset
  • E. Carpark Ventilation
  • F. Ventilation Shaft


Living smart and sustainably comes easy at Copen Grand, where you can enjoy an array of eco-luxury facilities within the development. It’s no wonder then, Copen Grand is the first BCA Green Mark Platinum Super Low Energy executive condominium in Singapore.

At the centre of this nature-inspired development stands an iconic multi-storey clubhouse, featuring the Copen Clubhouse that cascades down to co-working spaces and family-friendly pools, all thoughtfully designed with you and your loved ones in mind.

Harnessing solar power for the common good
Co-creating precious moments amid nature’s creations


When life gives you abundant sunshine, make full use of it. Renewable energy adoption at Copen Grand comes in the form of photovoltaic systems that tap into solar power, providing partial energy replacement for the clubhouse, function room, swimming pool and gymnasium. Additionally, power up sustainable transport at your convenience with EV charging stations.

Rounding it off are nature-themed recreational spaces, lush landscaping and a tennis court that offer the potential of joy-filled family memories at every turn.


Your dream home at Copen Grand grants you year-round access to an eco-friendly range of lifestyle facilities and social spaces - all part of the blueprint to live, work and play with ease.


There’s nothing quite like going about your day amid a spacious environment. That’s why your home at Copen Grand has been thoughtfully designed to maximise the use of space and aligned in a North-south facing orientation, to provide better cross-ventilation. So you can live more comfortably with enhanced freedom of movement.

Living the fine life is now easier and more sustainable at Copen Grand. Each unit comes decked out with its own suite of quality fittings, carpentry, and branded kitchen appliances.

The thoughtfully conceptualised layout is complemented by the incorporation of smart technologies in the home with the ability to monitor energy usage. From a smart home gateway with remote surveillance to smart voice assistant, your vision of a well-appointed 2-bedroom+study to 5-bedroom home is within reach of being reality.

Adopting smart technology to keep energy costs low
Inviting the wind to cool your home naturally


Copen Grand has been conferred the Green Mark Platinum Super Low Energy by BCA under the newly launched Green Mark (GM2021) Criteria with the Health and Wellbeing, Whole Life Carbon and Maintainability Badge. With these accreditations in place, your home is now a place where you can enjoy all-round efficiency with green features incorporated into your everyday life


Take everyday conveniences to the next level, be it daily appointment and weather updates from your smart voice assistant, smart air conditioner control for remote access of your room’s temperature, or enhanced house security with a smart digital lockset and camera.
When you can count on your smart home to take care of the details, you can go about your daily life with ease and assurance.

Passive Cool Design Architecture

  • Copen Grand is designed to minimise direct west-facing units
  • Units are designed with adequate openings to obtain high cross-ventilation rates within units
  • Units are designed with balconies and feature a good selection of glass specifications to minimise heat gain within

Environmental Quality and Protection

  • Use of environmentally friendly products certified by approved local certification bodies for all internal finishes both within units and in common areas
  • Use of low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) paints for internal walls to reduce indoor air pollution
  • Careful material selection to reduce the overall embodied carbon of the development, minimising the carbon footprint

Water Efficiency

  • Water-efficient fittings are provided for all units

    Energy Efficiency

  • Energy-efficient air conditioners for all units
  • Energy-efficient lighting at communal facilities
  • Provision of demand control strategies for lighting and air conditioning at communal facilities to minimise energy wastage
  • Energy-efficient lifts with Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) drive, sleep mode and regenerative power feature
  • Provision of renewable energy to offset partial common area consumption to be self-sustainable

Other Green Features

  • Lush greenery and water bodies within the development to reduce heat gain into the building
  • Pneumatic waste collection and disposal system
  • Provision of bicycle lots at basement to promote green transport and healthy lifestyle
  • Good access to bus stop with sheltered walking pathways leading to the entrance/exit
  • Smart community application for residents to book the facilities and provide operational feedback

Smart Home

Smart Home Gateway

  • Connects all smart appliances, allowing you to remotely control them via the Smart Home App on your mobile device

Smart Surveillance

  • Enjoy the added security of remote surveillance with smart camera at home

Smart Air Conditioner Control

  • Hot day? Turn on the air conditioning remotely and have the home cooled in preparation for your return. Check if you have forgotten to switch off

Smart Digital Lockset

  • Enjoy the convenience of locking and unlocking the door via mobile app, fingerprint, pin code, key or integrated access card

Smart Lighting Control

  • Lights up the foyer automatically for a warm welcome home or program the lights to come on when intruders are detected

Smart Power Monitoring

  • Easily keep track of your household energy consumption to keep up sustainable habits

Smart Voice Assistant (Using Google Home App)

  • Hands-free control of your smart home devices. A smart voice assistant means you can also ask about the news, weather, traffic; set reminders; play music; and more

Copen Grand | To Live, Work And Play

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